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Mark Bass goes modular

Mark Bass goes modular

Markbass has launched a new modular bass amp system, the Momark, designed to allow players to build and customise ‘the amplifier of their dreams’.

The Momark system is based around four Momark amp frames, made of the strong, but lightweight ABS plastic, with each housing a power amp, custom digital power supply, and the following features:

Two rack-unit height and standard rack width (19-inch) with rack ears
Two high-quality Neutrik Speakon combo speaker outs
Balanced XLR line out, pre/post eq switch and ground lift
Tuner out and effect loop send/return (wired in parallel)

Momark amp frames are available in 250 and 500-Watt analog and 600 and 800-Watt digital versions, all with a wide choice of modules to choose from – each Momark frame takes three.
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“You build from there, choosing a preamp module, eq module and master module,” explained Markbass’ Marco Virgiliis. “What features do you require? What do you want to be able to control? The amp becomes your creation – your customised dream amp. If you change your mind and decide you want more control over your eq, then all you have to do is buy a different eq module for your amp, instead of buying a new amp. Want to sometimes use a tube preamp, but not always? Buy two preamp modules and change them to suit the gig. The Momark’s modules work much like hard drives in a computer – it gives you the freedom to create your sound.”

There are six preamp modules, in both tube and solid state versions, each with its own unique characteristics. For eq options, players can choose from graphic eq and semi-parametric eq types in a variety of configurations and there’s a straight-through option, offering no eq at all, in purist hi-fi style, for players who like their sound as faithful to the instrument as possible.

For the third slot in the frame, there’s a choice of  four master control modules, offering a full range of level control and, in some cases, Markbass’s acclaimed VLE and VLF filtering options.

The Momark system will be available from specially equipped Markbass dealers each of whom will have a ‘Momark Testing Tower’ in the shop. This enables customers to mix and match all the available components and promises to make buying a bass amp more fun than ever.

Despite the advanced technology and facilities, Momark components have been priced to be affordable. The power amp frames range from £484 for the 250-Watt analog model to £814.20 for the 800-Watt digital unit. The preamp modules will cost from £69 to £112.70. The eq modules range between £69.00 and £112.70, while the master modules are priced between £79.35 and £95.45.

The system is available immediately.
Proel International: 020 8761 9911

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