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Mariner Guitars backs Help For Heroes

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Mariner Guitars backs Help For Heroes

Mariner Guitars, the British company pioneering sustainable all solid wood acoustics, is sponsoring Help for Heroes’ new music education and recreation facility at Tedworth House.

Recently refurbished and opened, Tedworth is now the home of severely wounded service personnel who are preparing to return to a civilian life. The music facility will add to the many other sporting, vocational and training facilities and activities designed to help restore the confidence and aid the rehabilitation of residents.Help for Heroes is a nationwide charity raising money to fulfil its mission statement at Tedworth: “To inspire our wounded, injured, sick and returning veterans to lead active independent and fulfilling lives which will enable them to reach their full potential and to support them and their families, for life.”
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Donating guitars to Tedworth House, Mariner MD and founder Ken Achard said: “For the many years I served on the MIA council, I learned to recognise, appreciate and support numerous educational and therapy based projects with the playing of musical instruments at their heart. Being at Tedworth has been inspirational; seeing the dedication of the staff and the determination of the wounded. Many of them have lost two or even three limbs, yet their 'can do' spirit is an example for us all. "I look forward to seeing their new music room adding a creative, recreational and stimulating element to their lives. I salute the vision and drive of the H4H team. They deserve all the support they can get.”Mariner Guitars: 07710 842989

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