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Make Music Count: Innovative new musical teaching method coming to the UK

Laura  Barnes
Make Music Count: Innovative new musical teaching method coming to the UK

A new method of teaching students how to play the piano by solving maths equations has been gaining a lot of attention in the US.

Developed in Atlanta, Georgia by Marcus Blackwell Jnr, the award-winning program, called ‘Make Music Count’, has been featured on the likes of CBS, CNN and Mythbusters.

“Make Music Count is the new creative Mathematics curriculum that teaches each lesson through learning how to play a song on the piano,” explains the program’s website.

“Each musical note that is played is derived by solving an algebraic equation. Here is a new method teachers can use to excite students about learning mathematics. Mathematics will be seen as fun while also strengthening students understanding of solving algebra equations once they Make Music Count.”
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The new teaching method is being brought to the UK by Music Education Solutions and will be introduced to UK instrumental teachers at this year’s First Access Forum in Birmingham on June 9th.

Dr Elizabeth Stafford of Music Education Solutions commented: “We are delighted to be able to bring Make Music Count to a UK audience. Their innovative approach with a direct link between the learning of music and maths could potentially provide UK music hubs and services with a new and exciting option for piano teaching in schools.

“At a time when we are constantly having to stress the value of music to schools and academies, this scheme could prove very useful when dealing with schools who perhaps do not recognise the benefits of music for music’s sake.”

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