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Mackie introduces several new audio products

Mackie introduces several new audio products

Mackie is launching the HD1221, a compact two-way loudspeaker, which will join its popular HD series. Delivering similar specs to the larger products in the range, the HD1221 provides 1200 Watts of peak system power through highly efficient Class-D amplifier technology.

This loudspeaker offers impressive performance and power for its size and is a perfect stage monitor, due to its asymmetrical design.

 “We designed the HD1221 to give our customers Mackie’s premium high-definition, high-output sound in a lightweight, ultra-portable and versatile package,” said Ben Olswang, Mackie brand product manager.

Another addition to the HD series is the HAD high-definition arrayable powered loudspeaker. This is a more high-end product that can create a line array capable of handling mid-sized venues to large clubs, with each module delivering 1200 Watts of power.
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Two new mid-format analog consoles have also arrived from Mackie, the 24-channel 2404-VLZ3 and the 32-channel 3204-VLZ3. These 4-Bus mixers feature dual internal FX processors, dedicated compression and four-track recording via USB.

They both include low-noise, high-headroom XDR2 mic channels and two stereo input channels. Dual 32-bit RMFX effects processors are featured, which offer 16 easy to use presets.

Mackie has also announced that its Onyx 1640i mixer is the ideal companion for Wave’s new Multirack live plug-in platform. It provides a 16x16 FireWire interface, which allows each channel to host its own suite of online plug-ins.

Waveslive Multirack is the first software of its kind to offer Waves plug-ins and is recognised as being on a par with hardware equivalents.

Mackie is distributed in the UK via Loud Technologies.

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