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Look everyone! A giant violin!

Ronnie Dungan
Look everyone! A giant violin!

The world's biggest playable violin (and that's official) will be on show at this year's Musikmesse.

A joint project by 15 violin makers, it has already been honoured with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records and will be on show in Café Classic during Musikmesse 2012 from 21st to 24th March (Stand C26, Hall 1.2).

The violin, a project by 15 violin makers from the town of Markneukirchen in Saxony, has a height of 4.27 metres and a bow 5.22 metres long. Based on an old Vogtland model, it is seven times as big as a conventional violin. it takes three musicians to produce a sound. A concert piece has been composed especially for the giant violin.

Making it took over 1,300 working hours, more than a cubic metre of spruce and maple, 40 kilos of ebony and several kilos of glue and expensive varnish – all of which resulted in an entry in the Guinness Book of Records (2012 edition).
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It requires two musicians to handle the bow while a third stands on a platform to stop the strings, which sound three octaves lower than a normal violin. The high notes recall the sound of a cello.

Leipzig-based composer Stephan König has written a composition entitled Rhapsody for Giant Violin and Orchestra for the instrument.

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