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Line 6 POD HD update released

Line 6 POD HD update released

Line 6 has announced a free v2.0 POD HD update, which features three new amp models that extend the firm's modelling technology to bass amps and mic pre-amps.

These include the world’s first HD bass amp model based on the Ampeg B-15NF Portaflex, a guitar amp model based on the Marshall 'Plexi' 1959 Super Lead 100-Watt head and a model based on the Requisite Y7 mic preamp, which can be placed at any point in the signal chain to give added warmth to guitars, bass or vocal sounds.

In addition, the free updates contain a host of new features designed for when a James Tyler Variax (JTV) guitar and a POD HD500 or POD HD Pro are connected directly to a Line 6 DT series tube amp. The result is the complete, full-scale, analog and digital reconfiguration of guitar models, effects, HD amplifier models and analog tube topology, at the press of a single footswitch.

New enhancements include the ability to use POD HD500 or POD HD Pro presets to engage or disengage the JTV guitar’s onboard Variax modelling, enabling footswitch control over magnetic pickups, guitar models and the combination of the two. Additionally, the guitar’s volume and tone knobs can now control the POD amp model and effect parameters. Alternate tunings can be saved together with POD HD500 or POD HD Pro presets, allowing up to 512 unique custom guitar tunings with instant footswitch control.

The new firmware updates are available now at

Meanwhile, the company has appoointed Paul Watson as European PR Specialist. Watson has vast experience of working in both the pro audio and MI sectors and he will also be handling artist relations for Europe.

“Paul’s recruitment underlines our strong growth plans for Europe,” says Rachel O’Connor, EMEA Marketing Manager at Line 6. “We’re looking forward to expanding our European customer base and showcasing the talented artists who already use Line 6 products.”
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Watson can be contacted on

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