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Line 6 invites software developers to create MIDI Mobilizer apps

Line 6 invites software developers to create MIDI Mobilizer apps

Line 6 has called for third party software developers to design some new apps for its MIDI Mobilizer device, the only MIDI interface on the market for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad products.

A free software development kit (SDK) can be obtained from Line 6 by emailing

The MIDI Mobilizer is capable of connecting each of the above Apple gadgets to millions of MIDI gear types, including synthesizers, digital pianos and anything with a five-pin DIN connector.

The SDK can potentially allow the MIDI Mobilizer to perform virtually any MIDI function in the palm of your hand that before could only have been done on a computer.
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Third party apps already available include MIDI Live for playback and real-time modification of any standard MIDI file and MIDI Surface, which turns an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a complete MIDI controller.

MIDI Memo Recorder is another existing app, which provides solutions for various performing, recording and data backup issues. All of the above can be purchased on the Apple App Store.

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