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LIMS announces MfY Friday

LIMS announces MfY Friday

The London International Music Show (LIMS) has revcealed further details of the  Music for Youth (MfY) education day on the Friday of the show (June 12th). MfY organises the National Festival and the Schools Proms and will be running a festival of music learning on what is now called MFY Friday. Thousands of students and teachers are expected to come together for the day to find out about everything related to music.

Now in its second year, the LIMS education focused day will be held again at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London’s Docklands and with Music For Youth as a new partner, the organiser hopes the day will bring a whole new dimension to performance and participation at the event.

MfY Friday at LIMS is an opportunity for students to learn something new about music, to be inspired by music and to engage with the music industry as a whole. 

There will be an MfY Friday live hall providing opportunities to get involved in the music-making.
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Visitors are invited to bring their instruments for a ‘big band’ event and voices for the ‘big sing’.

The big band can involve up to 1,000 musicians so everyone is encouraged to join in, while the big sing is hoping for up to 2,500 primary, secondary, college and university students to join in and sing a song written especially for LIMS.

Scattered throughout the show will be buskers, speakers, career advisers and music master classes.

Tickets for the LIMS education day are priced at £5 each for students in a group, accompanied by teachers. For further information on the show, ticket information and latest updates see the website fort details.

Despite all of the activities at the show from the Friday through to the Sunday, the organiser of LIMS would like it to be known that apart from the trade day on the Thursday (11th) there will be special trade only areas and entrances throughout the entire show for dealers to take advantage of.

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