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Let's Be The Change campaign aims to get more women speaking at music industry events

Laura  Barnes
Let's Be The Change campaign aims to get more women speaking at music industry events

A new campaign is encouraging females working in the music industry who are happy to speak at events to sign themselves up to a new database.

The idea is to collate a master list of women in music who are happy to speak at events, or have never spoken at events and want to start.

The campaign organisers also plan to offer some coaching and mentorship as part of its new campaign as well as promoting the amazing work, initiatives and events of existing women in music organisations.

Let’s Be The Change will use the information collated in its Women In Music database to allow industry conferences to find female speakers for their events.
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“The end goal here is to achieve a 50/50 split of women and men speaking at our industry events that are currently predominately populated by white males,” explained Sammy Andrews, Entertainment Intelligence director and head of the campaign.

“And on that... wary that it's not just having ovaries that's the issue in achieving diversity, we are also running in tandem an ethnic diversity master list collection for the same reasons.”

The campaign is looking for responses from people in all sectors, all backgrounds and all professions including live, tech, venues, recorded, artists, publishing, legal, business, management, distributor, labels, graphic designers, developers, marketing, trade organisations and more. “You name it, we want to hear from you! The bigger and more diverse these lists are the quicker we hope to address this issue,” said Andrews.

Head over to to read more about the initiative, submit your details for the Women in Music and/or the Ethnic Diversity databases, or to get in touch about requesting speakers for you event.

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