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Lennon lyric expected to fetch ?350,000

Lennon lyric expected to fetch ?350,000

The handwritten draft of John Lennon's lyrics to the song I'm Only Sleeping, the Guardian reports, written on the back of a final demand bill is coming up for auction at Bonhams of London on December 15th, with the auctioneers expecting the item to fethch in the region of £350,000.

The lyrics were written in April 1966 shortly before Lennon and the rest of The Beatles went into the Abbey Road studios to record the Revolver album. The bill is a final demand for £12, 3s for a car phone and threatens legal action if the bill is not paid.

The value of the scribbling lies in the fact that there are crossings out and various attempts at rhymes, clearly illustrating the artist's creative process. Listening to the song as it appeared on the Revolver album one can tell that this is a first draft and further changes were made in the studio.

The manuscript of the lyrics to Day in the Life fetched £810,000 when they were auctioned in New York earlier this year.
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