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LD Systems CURV 500 Series now shipping

Daniel Gumble
LD Systems CURV 500 Series now shipping

The new CURV 500 Series portable array system from LD Systems in now shipping.

The result of three years intensive development, the LD Systems CURV 500 is described by the firm as the world’s most compact active Curved Array.

Despite its small dimensions, it has been designed to utilise the WaveAhead Line Array sound technology to produce a high-definition sound pattern across the whole room.

Furthermore, the LD Systems SmartLink adapter offers optimised flexibility.The subwoofer control unit of the CURV 500 array has an integrated 4-channel DFX mixer with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and controls up to eight CURV 500 satellites at the same time.
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The CURV 500 was recently recognised by the German Design Council, picking up the German Design Award 2016 for its ‘overall concept’.

The jury statement by Cees de Bont, Deborah Dawton and Moni Wolf, said: "The portable speaker system CURV 500 is characterised by an integrated mixer and wireless plug-and-play connection of the satellites. The light design of the subwoofer offers ergonomic comfort, whereby its form conveys subtlety and ease of use. Technically speaking, the compact line array featuring innovative sound and professional configuration options for a wide variety of applications, was very convincing."


CURV 500® AVS: € 849
CURV 500® ES: € 1,099
CURV 500® PS: € 1,999

LD Systems is distributed by Adam Hall.

For more information on the CURV 500, visit:

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