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LAURA B. WHITMORE: How to use social media to connect with female customers

Laura  Barnes
LAURA B. WHITMORE: How to use social media to connect with female customers

Our US columnist and WiMN (Women’s International Music Network) founder, Laura B. Whitmore, discusses how MI businesses can use social media to reach new female customers…

It’s clear to me that many businesses in our industry are thinking about the need to connect with more female customers, but they are not sure how.

One avenue that comes to mind is social media. There are several ways businesses can use the metrics of social media to reach potential customers with very specific demographics.

Use sponsored posts
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You can, of course, pay for sponsored posts promoting sales or special events. If you want to attract more women, set the metrics of your campaign to focus on female profiles who are musicians or who also like certain brands, or product categories.

Make sure your messaging is either non-gender specific, or highlights artists, products, giveaways or other items that women might find appealing. Don’t be too pandering or just use a lot of pink and think you’re done!

Support relevant groups

Start a dialog with social sites that are music-related and highlight women. Chances are they have a lot of female musicians in their audience. Groups like Shreddelicious, the Women’s International Music Network, She Shreds, Tom Tom, LAWIM, GoGirls, Guitar Girl Magazine, and many more come to mind. Show genuine interest in supporting them and their mission, and it will naturally benefit them to support you and share your messaging, too.

Tag, tag, tag

Highlighting a product that a female musician uses? Tag her and the instrument company. Showcasing female customers and their original music? Tag them. Highlighting a partnership with a women-in-music organisation, like those listed above? Tag them. We also often use the hashtag #womeninmusic to reach an even broader audience.

Be consistent

Be respectful to be believable. There’s nothing worse than seeing a post that highlights an awesome female musician’s accomplishments, followed by one that shares a sexist comment, graphic or thoughtless viewpoint. You must be consistent in your desire to respect your future female customers in order for them to get on board. Share powerful images of successful women and your customers will thank you.

Just ask

Don’t be afraid to ask female customers or social media friends what they’d like to see. Do short surveys and polls using your accounts to get women engaged. Ask thoughtful questions to show you are looking for positive, logical change.

Study up

Read posts that others share and look at what gets the most engagement. Be part of the conversation. Share similar posts that relate to your business and get others involved.

Be genuinely engaged and we will want you around!

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