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LAURA B. WHITMORE: 10 reasons not to miss the 2016 She Rocks Awards

Daniel Gumble
LAURA B. WHITMORE: 10 reasons not to miss the 2016 She Rocks Awards

Our US columnist, musician and WiMN (Women's International Music Network) founder, Laura B. Whitmore, provides ten reasons why you won’t want to miss the 2016 She Rocks Awards…

Well, it’s that time of year.

Yes, there are the holidays and the New Year, but for me, this is when I start really feeling the pressure of getting ready for NAMM.

Ah, NAMM. The trade show that eclipses all other gatherings in our industry; chock full of sights, sounds and new experiences.
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Of course, if you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that my focus at NAMM pinpoints to a single event on January 22nd, 2016: The She Rocks Awards.

This celebration of women in the music industry has grown into a major event, honouring women from all walks of the industry and providing quite an inspirational show. This year is our fourth, and we’re delighted to honour Jennifer Batten, Chaka Khan, Amy Heidemann (Karmin), Becky Gebhardt and Mona Tavakoli (Rock Camp for Girls LA and Raining Jane), Chalise Zolezzi (Taylor Guitars), Mary Luehrsen (NAMM), Crystal Morris (Gator Cases), Mindy Abovitz (Tom Tom Magazine), Cathy Carter Duncan (Seymour Duncan), Leigh Maples and Pamela Cole (Fanny’s House of Music), Leslie Ann Jones (Skywalker Sound), and Sujata Murthy (Universal Music).

My co-host is guitarist Nita Strauss and we’ll have additional performances by guests Malina Moye, Jenna Paone, The Command Sisters and house band Rock Sugah, featuring Divinity Roxx, Kat Dyson, Lynette Williams and Benita Lewis.

With literally hundreds of free performance events going on during NAMM, why should you pay to go to the She Rocks Awards? I thought I’d spell it out for you here…

1. This is a pro-level event with incredible talent. It’s not free for us to produce and we want to elevate the experience to that of a top-notch production.

2 .We feed you. Yep, food, treats, fun stuff. We try to think of everything and make your experience truly special.

3. Our amazing gift bag is pretty much worth the cost of your ticket alone. Ask anyone who went last year!

4.We’re honouring your peers. The women who make amazing shit happen in our industry and who have been overlooked for a long time. Support them and it’ll come back to you 100-fold. Good karma should not be underrated.

5. There are literally hundreds of industry influencers here, all in one room. The networking alone is worth the ticket. Work the room and make it count.

6. Our silent auction is amazing this year. With over $60,000 worth of items including gear, audio software, trips, accessories and more, you could get a deal so incredible the savings will pay for your ticket! Plus proceeds from the auction help us benefit the Girls Rock Camp Alliance and the NAMM Foundation.

7. You are THIS CLOSE to major celebrities, like Chaka Khan, Jennifer Batten, Karmin and loads more. Don’t you want to be in the same room with this incredible assortment of women?

8.You’ll experience special performance pairings that you’ll never see anywhere else. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it will be epic, I promise.

9. You’ll get a seat, guaranteed. No more events where you stand in the back and can barely see. This is the classy NAMM experience that will leave you feeling pampered and inspired.

10. And finally, we’ve sold out every year. At some point, tickets are going to be gone. Get yours now and we promise you won’t be sorry.

I’ll be there co-hosting and I hope to see all of you. And then let’s have a drink afterward and start planning for 2017.

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