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Korg UK takes on distribution of Tromba

Jory Mackay
Korg UK takes on distribution of Tromba

Effective immediately, Korg will be handling all UK and European distribution of Tromba's growing range of plastic instruments.

Tromba recently displayed its new Tromba Pro range of plastic trombones alongside new development projects including a plastic trumpet, a Jazzbone and Kidsbone.

Tromba joins the growing family of orchestral lines distributed by Korg UK including Jupiter, Xo, Nuova, Tocco flutes, Humes and Berg, Jazzlab and Ultrapure Oils.

"We believe this new partnership will benefit all concerned and enhance the service offered to our customers in the UK and Europe," commented Chris Shea of Tromba Plastic Trombones.
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"As a trombone player I fully appreciate the benefits of this latest design update on Tromba trombones and am very excited about some new instruments to be unveiled later this year," added Nigel Lawless, Korg UK's orchestral instruments manager. "As a company, Korg UK are looking forward to a long and sucessful partnership with Tromba."

For more information, visit the Tromba website or contact Nigel at Korg UK.

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