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Keith Keough, Ian Matthews and Al Murray launch British Drum Company

Daniel Gumble
Keith Keough, Ian Matthews and Al Murray launch British Drum Company

Some of the MI industry’s foremost drummers and designers have come together to launch a brand new drum manufacturing firm called The British Drum Company.

The company, which officially launched today (Friday, September 25th) was founded by master drum maker Keith Keough; Kasabian drummer Ian Matthews; military marching drummer and co-founder of the Highwaymen Drum Corps (as seen on Britain’s Got Talent 2011) Stu Warmington; product designer Alan Kitching; and award winning comedian and drum enthusiast Al Murray, aka The Pub Landlord.

Based in Stockport, The British Drum Company will use only British-made shells in its manufacturing process, with handcrafted kits and marching drums at the core of the product range.

The official product launch will take place at the London Drum Show, with all products signed with the British Drum Company stencilled ‘b’ badge.
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Commenting on the company launch, Keough said: “I have never felt so positive about a team of people or drum brand. The passion, drive and commitment for this new venture will be apparent throughout our new and exciting range of drums.”

Mathews added: “I am excited to be part of this amazing new project. A new company that not only embraces the held traditions of drum design, but to inspire and further the development of this wonderful instrument. To be part of that process is such a privilege, and to do it with this team is an honour.”

“As someone who has played military drums for over 30 years I am thrilled that the British Drum Co have this opportunity to showcase British craftsmanship and expertise to the world wide drumming community,” added Warmington.

 “The British Drum Co comprises the most dedicated and talented team I've ever worked with,” Kitching said. “It's an honour to be part of this inspiring new company designing hardware around Keith's superb shells. We have big plans ......BIG plans!”

Murray concluded: “I’m very lucky to have met some brilliant people in the world of drums, thanks to the Pub Landlord, and now it’s great to have the chance to roll my sleeves up and get properly involved: in lots of ways I feel it’s our duty to quality.” 


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