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KBO to launch bias engine for general retail

KBO to launch bias engine for general retail

The British power supply specialist, KBO Dynamics, is set to launch the Tubesync V4 bias engine via MI retail, following the success of the unit's integration into a number of branded amps, such as a whole range of Orange valve amps. The product is claimed to increase reliability and extend amplifier tube life by up to 40 per cent.

The County Durham power specialist's new product ensures that valves are correctly biased when they are working and reduces their throughput when on standby. To avoid becoming too technical, the bias engine is an inbuilt power management system designed to get the best from valves and, by proxy, from the amplifier, with the added bonus, the company claims, of delivering superior tone.

While Tubesync is now being as standard in an increasing amount of new amplifiers, the V4 is also for musicians who want the peace of mind that TubeSync delivers, without having to replace their existing equipment.

“The technology was originally designed for the OEM market, but over the last year in particular, it has become increasingly apparent that the upgrade for performing musicians is not only a bigger market," explained Andy Fallon, KBO Dynamics MD. "The reception we’ve had for what is, effectively, a cost efficient upgrade has been staggering. The market has steered us toward an open launch of the product."
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The V4 will be sold retail, with installers and resellers alone having access to the software that allows set-up, customisation and management of the unit within their customers’ amps. KBO Dynamics will self-distribute in order to maintain margins for the reseller.

“Even if the demand is a quarter of what our forecasts suggest, we haven’t the infrastructure to cope with the upgrades that will be coming in," Fallon said. "That’s why we have to go through the dealers, techs and backline boys, and we’ll self-distribute to generate the margins to make it worth their while”.

KBO has opened a ‘hidden’ trade area of its website where all technical specifications, installation metrics and the full functionality can be downloaded.

To get hold of the TubeSync V4 bias engine trade pack, visit the Tubesync website here or call 01207 585846.

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