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Kaiser Chiefs choose Audio-Technica for new album

Kaiser Chiefs choose Audio-Technica for new album

Kaiser Chiefs used a selection of Audio-Technica microphones to record several tracks on the band’s new album The Future is Medieval.

Drummer Nick Hodgson – who also has a background in studio engineering – produced several of the tracks himself with the help of the manufacturer’s AT4080 and AT4081 ribbon mics.

“I saw a review of the AT4080 and AT4081 microphones in a magazine and I thought they looked really good and affordable,” Hodgson revealed. “It also helped that I saw Audio-Technica’s phone number had a Leeds code, which is where we’re from.”

“The mics are so versatile and I’ll use them for almost anything. They’re now a vital part of my arsenal. I’ve used them on all sorts, I really have. They’ve close-mic’d acoustic guitars, I’ve stuck them on electric guitars and I’ll use them as room mics too. The AT4081 seems to be a particularly good ambient microphone."

Kaiser Chiefs went for a ‘record release’ approach with this latest album, allowing fans to pick their own tracklist by downloading 10 tracks from a choice of 20 on the band’s website.

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