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July's ecommerce trends: Amazon Prime Day wasn't the most popular time for online shopping

Laura  Barnes
July's ecommerce trends: Amazon Prime Day wasn't the most popular time for online shopping

Continuing our monthly report from PCA Predict on the habits of online shoppers, July’s statistics have revealed how much Amazon’s Prime Day actually affected consumer spending.

PCA Predict handles address validation for 40% of the top 500 UK ecommerce companies and has 11,000 ecommerce customers, making its monthly statistic a great place to find out what the latest trends are.

Despite the big lead up towards this year’s Amazon Prime Day, the latest stats from PCA Predict reveal that the 24-hour online shopping bonanza hasn’t quite reached the popularity of the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday… yet.

Starting at 6pm on July 10th and running throughout the 11th, Amazon Prime Day promised a host of lightning deals run in a similar manner to its Black Friday sales, but specifically for its Prime Membership customers.
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However, in the UK at least, it seems Prime Day wasn’t the biggest day for online shopping throughout July.

The stats reveal that there were spikes around pay days from June and July (July 3-4 and July 31). In fact, the dates marked out as average pay days saw more online traffic than Amazon Prime Day did.

Computers remained the most popular device to shop on throughout 3rd, 4th and 31st July, as well as throughout Amazon Prime Day, which spanned 10th and 11th July.

Interestingly, the two days directly before the 3rd, before the 10th and before the 31st saw smartphones takeover as the most popular devices to shop on. All three of those timeframes were weekends, suggesting that shoppers are waiting until they are at their work desks to buy online rather than at the weekend.

This month’s data also showed that the three busiest ecommerce sectors were Fashion, Entertainment and Department Stores’ online shops. With the most popular time to shop online continuing to be in the evening, from 7-8pm, which poses the question: Are consumers staying late at work to shop on their computers?

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