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JOYO Audio celebrates the removal of 532 unauthorised product listings from eBay

Laura  Barnes
JOYO Audio celebrates the removal of 532 unauthorised product listings from eBay

JOYO Audio UK has announced that 532 unauthorised listings of its products, along with 20 sellers, have been removed from online marketplace eBay.

Earlier this year, the firm warned the UK market against unauthorised retailers and issued a statement outlining the potentially damaging effects posed by said retailers, both to consumers and UK dealers.

In an update sent out to the firm’s UK retail customers last week, MD Dave Grant outlined how JOYO has been tackling these issues.

“JOYO audio UK actively polices several online marketplaces primarily to prevent the parallel importation of JOYO products into the UK. It has been in the best interests of our loyal customers, the UK economy and our stockists that we continue to make this issue a priority.
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“I have focussed on unauthorised, overseas companies who are selling into the UK. Any companies we do identify as retailing in the UK marketplace without permission of JOYO Audio UK, we look to remove, in the first instance with their agreement, understanding and co-operation, however this is not always possible given the nature of the internet landscape.

“Whilst the situation has been improved by registering JOYO as a brand with online marketplaces such as, eBay, Amazon, Reverb and Google in the UK, with a portfolio of over 150 products, new sellers can appear from overseas in many places, without warning, on a global scale.

“The issue of online marketplaces who continue to facilitate the parallel importation of goods into the UK is high on the business and political agenda where tax is concerned. Not isolated to us as a business, but the whole industry. So whilst we at JOYO have a lot to be grateful for these online marketplaces, as businesses they should be seen to not damage, but assist and support business in the UK.”

Grant revealed that over the last six months, JOYO has continued to make good progress with fixing the marketplace issues.

“After much work, we say goodbye and good riddance to 532 unauthorised JOYO listings from the UK marketplace, all removed for parallel importation by eBay,” he said.

“This marks the start of a new processes for reporting and removal, limiting the damage that overseas sellers cause to authorised retailers of JOYO in the UK.

“It is a pleasure dealing with our in-store UK retailers who support the JOYO brand and who provide us with the confidence to continue our pursuit of alternative affordable pedals and accessories.

“We are a small but dedicated team and act independently from any other distributor. Our passion is making music more accessible, affordable and enjoyable, and we are making progress in all three areas.”

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