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JHS launches huge catalogue

Ronnie Dungan
JHS launches huge catalogue

New 2013/14 trade catalogue being delivered to dealers across the UK and Eire.

Weighing in at 3.85kg/8.5lb unboxed, the 2013/14 JHS catalogue features more than 4,500 products from world-leading guitar brands such as Fret-King, Vintage, Encore, Italia, Danelectro, Manuel Rodriguez, Santos Martinez, SpongeBob SquarePants Real Musical Instruments and more, through to household name accessories lines from the likes of Kinsman, Dunlop Accessories, Eagle Mountain, String Swing, Diago, Kyser, Shubb, Grover, Dava, Guitar Tech and Wilkinson.

Guitar amplifiers are taken care of through the likes of the versatile new Kinsman range, alongside classics from Carlsbro, Fishman and Kustom.

Brasswind players and orchestras will find much from the updated, expanded Odyssey brasswind range and the Antoni stringed line, with accessories from the likes of Wittner and Mighty Bright.
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JHS Pro Audio also has new lines from the likes of German giants HK Audio and the classic Studiomaster range.

JHS Managing Director Dennis Drumm said: “We understand, in these testing times, the importance of supporting our customers. Our highest profile brands are supported by dealerships, designed to deliver additional revenue to participating dealers. Why not take a look and see how they could benefit your business too?”

He continued: “We thank all our dealers for their continued support, and it is our pleasure to continue to contribute to the success of as many businesses as we can.”


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