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JHS furthers A&H coverage

JHS furthers A&H coverage
John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd has announced that it will handle the distribution of Allen & Heath’s PA and Zed Series of mixers in Northern Ireland and Eire.

The Leeds-based UK, MI distributor took on the distribution of the Allen & Heath products in England and Scotland earlier this year. The partnership proved profitable for both companies and JHS will take on the additional areas as of January 1, 2009.

“As predicted, Allen & Heath has proved to be a perfect complement to our other hi-end pro audio brands – HK Audio, LA Audio and Lab.gruppen,” commented JHS MD, Dennis Drumm. “As such, adding Northern Ireland and Eire to our A&H sales territory is the perfect way to capitalise on our work with the brand. We look forward to generating similarly successful results with the additional expansion of these areas to the JHS sales map.”

A&H sales manager, Martin Daley, added: “The transfer of PA and ZED distribution to JHS has proved very successful and the sales teams have been enthusiastic and effective .  We are certain the addition of Irish territory will only strengthen our relationship and build on our achievements so far.”
Allen & Heath's PA Series features the PA-12CP and PA-20CP powered mixers and the PA12, PA20 and PA28 stereo mixers. The new USB-equipped ZED Series line includes the ZED-14 and ZED-24 2 bus mixers, ZED-12FX and ZED-22FX effects mixers, with ZED-420, ZED-428 and ZED-436 4-bus mixers.

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