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iZotope launches promotion for RX audio repair software

Laura  Barnes
iZotope launches promotion for RX audio repair software

iZotope has announced a new promotion for its RX audio repair software.

Since iZotope released RX 6 earlier this year, the audio repair software has been highly commended for its advanced abilities to rescue sub-par audio in both music and post production scenarios.

Throughout September, there are savings of up to 50% off the RX 6 and Post Production Suite 2 product lines, including upgrades.

Highlights of RX 6 include:
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– New technology that solves some of the biggest issues in post production including low-end wind rumble, lavalier mic rustle, and voice isolation.

– Microphone Bleed Removal: A new De-bleed module for drums and other acoustic instruments like piano, vocals, guitar, and more.

– Dialogue & Vocal Repair: A new repair tools designed specifically for dialogue and vocals including Mouth De-click, Breath Control, and the innovating new Spectral De-ess module.

– Composite View: Bring in up to 16 individual audio tracks and edit them as if they were one, easily removing audio issues that appear across multiple microphones.

iZotope customers who don’t already own an RX product can benefit from the special crossgrade option, which is only available in September.

User’s can also save over 35% on Post Production Suite 2.

This package contains over £1500-worth of software solutions for everything from dialogue editing to mixing and delivery. It includes RX 6 Advanced, Neutron Advanced Mixing Tool, RX Loudness Control and Insight Metering Suite. iZotope’s promotion is offer this package for just £275.

iZotope’s RX promotion runs until September 29th, 2017.

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