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INTERVIEW: How Magic Instruments 'reinvented the fretboard' to make the guitar more accessible

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: How Magic Instruments 'reinvented the fretboard' to make the guitar more accessible

In one of our recent Crowdfunding Corner features, we highlighted the MI Guitar – a new type of instrument designed to get users playing songs instantly.

Having recently received over 700% of its original $50,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, Magic Instruments, the firm behind the instrument, claims to have reinvented the fretboard with its new guitar.

That’s quite a statement, so MI Pro editor Laura Barnes caught up with Magic Instruments’ co-founder Andrew Song to find out more about the MI Guitar…

What is MI Guitar and how is it different from a traditional guitar?
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MI Guitar is designed to give beginners an easily accessible onramp to play songs they love, and at the same time give those with more experience ways to develop musical mastery and explore new realms of expression.

It is an electronic guitar featuring a newly configured fretboard that allows you to play entire chords with a single finger. And with enhanced technology features inside the instrument – as well as in our accompanying app – it allows for musical experiences that have never been possible before.

Who is it aimed at?

‘Connection seekers’. No matter if they’re picking up a Magic Instruments guitar for the first time, or performing for a room full of dedicated fans, ‘connection seekers’ share an openness and interest in expressing themselves, and connecting with others, in new ways through music. Not content to stand by as passive listeners, their active participation is key to enjoying a fulfilling musical experience.

They are curious to try whatever tools let them create the sounds that speak to them the most. And they are put off by rigid structures or attempts to establish credibility at the exclusion of others. While some may be hesitant at first, with a little encouragement, they’re soon excited to discover all they’re capable of. Even if it’s simply playing along to someone else’s tune.

Could MI Guitar be used for performances?

Yes, in fact it already has by some of our artists that see this as a great song-writing tool. But we think the main use case will be people who want to gather together and sing their favourite songs together.

Will retailers be able to stock MI Guitar?

We are looking for a retail launch in Q4 2017. If retailers have traditional bricks and mortar/physical locations, we are more than happy to speak with them. Any online distribution channels will be through our eCommerce properties at this current time.

What’s next for the company?

We are currently in the middle of producing our first run of guitar orders from Indiegogo and once that's finished we will begin distributing outside the US. If you are currently outside the US, we have a "Reserve for International Only" Perk. As of writing 316 of the 500 spots have already been claimed to lock in the price of $299.

How can distributors and retailers get in touch?

They can email me at

Find out more at

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