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INTERVIEW: How FRETX could mark the end of the humble chord book

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: How FRETX could mark the end of the humble chord book

In a recent MI Pro Crowdfunding Corner, we featured FRETX – the new gadget aimed at aiding those learning to play the guitar.

With the firm claiming that FRETX could not only improve the players’ guitar skills, but also help guitar teachers, we caught up with CEO and founder Federico Rodriguez Llull, along with Ramiro Danza (Marketing) and Valeria Roco (Content & Community Manager), to find out more about the product.

What is FRETX and how does it work?

FRETX is the first device that connects your smartphone with your own guitar. It tells you with lights where to place your fingers to play songs, practice scales and to try different exercises to help you improve your guitar skills.
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Is there anything else like it on the market? If so, how does it differ?

Our product is unique because it fits in any 6 strings guitar and you don’t have to buy a new modified and expensive instrument to use it. Beginners need to be able to choose the guitar they like by the sound quality or the comfort of the model.

With FRETX you can choose your favourite songs from the list and play by following the lights.

FRETX tells you how well you’re playing in real-time and gives you feedback on the training exercises. Isn’t that cool? You can also share your progress with your friends or your guitar teacher.

Yes, FRETX is also teacher friendly! Teachers and intermediate guitar players can now skip the step of having to draw every tab or exercise by hand. They will just upload their content to our open source platform called the UPLOADER and share it with their students.

As long as the students follow the lights, possibilities are endless. In this platform everybody can upload a song, put the right chords and save it for anyone who wants to play that song with FRETX.

And last but not least, FRETX is for lefties too so nobody gets left behind.

Are you working with any retail or distribution partners?

Right now we are in conversations with retailers. We are going to be in CES Las Vegas in January to meet some of the biggest names of the industry of music.

Why should retailers stock the FRETX?

FRETX is a clear step into the 21st century education. Is all about offering the user an immersive experience that can help them grab the guitar again if they had already given up.

Also, think of it as a new dimension in guitar learning. When chord books came out, many people felt that was the obvious step. To us, the obvious step is the path of lights to follow with your fingers.

FRETX is for beginners who want to learn the basics of playing the guitar, guitar players that want to practice and be sure that what they’re doing is correct, and teachers who want to teach more efficiently, as students will learn faster and in a more dynamic and playful way.

As you can see, the market is a broad one, and this device is a good choice and more affordable than other similar products that might need a certain level of expertise.

How important are crowdfunding websites for innovating the musical instrument market?

Crowdfunding is helping a lot of crazy inventors to pursue their ideas and put themselves out there! In FRETX's case we have our crazy scientists, code engineers and even guitar teachers. For the team, the trust that people have put in our project is crucial as it has helped to get us to where we are right now – making music learning more affordable and accessible to everyone.

What’s next for FRETX?

Production is starting right after New Year, and as soon as that’s ready we will ship our first units to our Indiegogo backers. We keep our community updated at but also in our Medium Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

We expect to be hanging from the racks in your favourite music store this year!

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