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INTERVIEW: God Damn on recording new album Everything Ever, visiting MI shops and loving their label

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: God Damn on recording new album Everything Ever, visiting MI shops and loving their label

It’s sweltering outside in London’s summer heat, but that’s nothing compared to being inside the tiny cocoon-shaped room full of 50 special guests at Chiswick’s Metropolis Studios.

With the amount of amps and gear placed around the stage, it would be loud as hell if Leonard Cohen was performing, let alone Wolverhampton heavy rockers God Damn.

As fans gaze upon a wall stacked high with Orange amps and collectively gulp, they’re reminded to wear the free earplugs provided.

I hope they all did, because when the band warned they were loud, they weren’t joking.
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Fuzzy riffs and hearty, attitude-filled choruses blast through front man Thom Edward’s array of Orange speakers and DigiTeck pedals.

Newest member James pumps out deep synth bass lines through his Arturia MicroBrute mono synth and there’s even a cheap 80s Casio keyboard that he’s ‘pretty sure is made for kids’ running through a £400 effects pedal. “We were using more complicated synths before hand but it was just too much of a pain in the arse to programme,” he says.

But don’t let the mentio of synth bass fool you. With drummer Ash Weaver smashing the hell out of his Tama Star Classic Performer kit and Zildjian cymbals, this is a heavy three-piece rock band beefing up their sound to impressive levels.

“So many rock bands are actually quite thin sounding. That’s classically what a rock band should sound like – quite mid-range,” explains Thom. That’s something that God Damn could never be accused of, even though they’re only a three piece, and on half of their songs Thom leaves the guitar work to James as he ops for weaving in and out of the crowd and chanting surprisingly catches choruses for such a band hell bent on giving your ears a thrashing.

The band has a rather impressive way of sounding like Pulled Apart By Horses, Black Sabbath and The Black Keys all at the same time. Just when you think the wall of sound has reached its peak, a sing-along chorus kicks in. Just when you’re wondering where this bassy synth riff is going, a thunderous drum fill rolls by to remind you what you’re here for.

“If a band says they hate their label, they’re with the wrong label,” declares God Damn’s front man half way through a set full of growls, riffs and drum fills. And he means it.

Speaking afterwards Thom tells MI Pro: “I fucking love our record label. It’s a family. They’re not the wealthiest record label in the world but they invest a lot of time and money in their bands. We’re ever thankful for that.”

The label is One Little Indian, and when the band talk about the label, you can tell that it offers the freedom that it gives to its established acts like Bjork to its up-and-coming artists too.

“They’re really supportive and they make you feel really welcome,” says drummer Ash. Thom adds: “If we’d have signed to a major label, we’d have written our first album and they’ve have said “what the fuck are you doing?” and we’d have got dropped. Whereas One Little Indian have gone “yeah, we’ll let you make that album. We’ll let you make whatever album you wanna make”.”

And that they did.

After 2015 album Vultures, the new offering sees the band join forces with producer Ross Orton, who’s songwriting/production work includes the Artic Monkey’s 2013 album AM, the Mercury Music Prize-nominated Arular by M.I.A. and The Fall, to name but a few.

“He’s a proper badass. Check shirt, cut-off denim jacket, the lot,” says Thom.

The new album Everything Ever took God Damn about three weeks to record. In fact, they finished so early that they had another time to lay down an extra track.

Thom explains why they recoded so efficiently: “Ross kicks the shit out of you in the studio. You’ll have a laugh and he’ll be like “no, shut the fuck up now”.”

Ash adds: “One thing what we’ve really learnt from him is to cut all the bullshit.”

With the album ready to drop on September 23rd the band is busy touring with the likes of Red Fang and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes for the rest of the year, but they admit they still find some time to check out local MI stores.

“We’ve got to a level now where we buy things in bulk but at the start of every tour we still go and get extra pieces at local stores,” says Thom. "You can’t beat trying and buying in a store. I still get a buzz when I go into a music shop."

God Damn’s new album Everything Ever will be released on September 23rd by One Little Indian. The band will be touring around the UK and  Europe throughout the rest of the year, check out all the dates here.

Check out videos for the two singles Ghost and Fake Prisons from the upcoming album below.

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