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INTERVIEW: Crash! Crate - The world's first interactive drumming subscription box

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: Crash! Crate - The world's first interactive drumming subscription box

With the rise of subscription boxes and crates in the tech, gaming and entertainment sectors, it was only a matter of time before musicians were offered a ‘loot crate’ of their own.

Crash! Crate is on the brink of bringing its monthly goodie bag to drummers and percussionist from all over the world. And MI Pro editor Laura Barnes caught up with the company’s founder Richard Nash, to find out more about the new service.

What is Crash! Crate and how does it work?

Crash! Crate is the world's first interactive drum and percussion monthly subscription service.
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Similar to other monthly subscription boxes and crates, you will receive new items each month in every crate. You're guaranteed a new pair of sticks to try each month, and a new lesson book to learn out of as well as a new assortment of the industry’s best drum and percussion items in each crate.

Unique to Crash! Crate, every crate will contain "Crash! Courses", which are monthly video lessons out of each month's book to put you on the fast track to learning the material.

Why did you decide to launch the service?

At Crash! Crate we are very interested in helping the musical and drumming community grow. That's why, in each crate, we will be including an unsigned artists album free of charge.

We may from time to time also include a how-to-play drum cover where we teach you how to play a song off the album as well. We are hoping this will help spread talented artist's music to a wide audience where they may not have been seen or heard otherwise.

Right now, we will be reaching out to artists on a case-by-case basis, but in the future we are planning on having a form that artists can submit their interest in having their album featured in Crash! Crate. Down the line, we are also highly interested in offering sponsorships to up and coming drummers.

When does it launch and can UK musicians sign up?

Crash! Crate is currently in a pre-launch phase. This means that we are gauging interest through a pre-launch campaign, which we are running through Launchrock. During this time, we're also securing brands and items, and all of that other behind-the-scenes fun stuff.

As of now, Crash! Crate does not have an official launch date, but based on the numbers we have seen sign up so far, we can say that we're hoping to launch and have the product in your hands very soon.

Right now, Crash! Crate is focused on a North American release, in that all of our convention dates and in-person promotion will be heavily focused in the North American market. However, we are planning on having Crash! Crate available to the UK when it officially launches!

What brands do you have on board so far?

We are currently working with some great brands that we're very fond of, but unfortunately cannot release any names as of yet. We promise they're great! On that note, we are most definitely still on the lookout any brands that would be interested in our concept.

Will there be any exclusive products?

Exclusive products have been a goal of ours from day one. Right now, we haven't collaborated with anyone on exclusive items yet; but we can tell you that they will be coming in the future.

Will you be including any promotions with musical instrument retail stores?

Yes, absolutely! Right now, we are working hard to market ourselves and we wholeheartedly believe in working with similar businesses such as musical and instrument retail stores to help stimulate the music community. We are currently working on local promotion, and will be expanding. We are definitely open to any and all music stores that would like to reach out to us.

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