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How your retail app could be damaging your image

Laura  Barnes
How your retail app could be damaging your image

As online shopping continues to increase, retailers are not only expected to have an appealing website, but many are also taking advantage of growing habit of shopping via retail apps.

With nearly 40% of consumers now having at least one retail app on their smartphone, and more than a quarter using between 3-5 retail apps, having this additional shopping experience can be a great way of expanding your omnichannel offering.

While a new report from mobile app developer Apadmi describes apps as the future of retail, it also warns that UK shoppers can be quite harsh when it comes to judging a retailer via its app.

In fact, over half of UK consumers said they were dissatisfied with retail mobile apps.
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Apadmi’s report reveals that while more consumers are turning to retail apps, many shoppers still feel that current apps are not fulfilling their full potential as a shopping aid.

Nearly a fifth of consumers say they want to see retailers invest more in improving current and new apps, and nearly 30% would also like to see more innovation in mobile apps, rather than just using them to browse and shop.

“The fact that 34% of consumers say they haven’t noticed any improvement in retail apps they have previously downloaded should serve as a warning to retailers,” said Apadmi.

“This is especially true taking into account our previous Retail App Report, in which 61% said they delete apps if they came across problems, while more than a quarter revealed they would think less of a retailer that failed to update their app regularly.”

As well as calling for better retail apps that can be used on the go, consumers have also revealed that they would like to see retailers make better use of technology in-store. This research has uncovered a desire among shoppers for more convenient ways of buying items in-store, while others have called for notifications via an app to update them about in-store offers as they walk around.

More than a quarter of consumers want to have access to an app that would let them pay for items in-store, rather than joining a queue, and nearly half (46%) now expect stores to offer free Wi-Fi that would allow apps to sync to in-store offers.

While Apadmi’s research indicates that retailers wanting to stay ahead of the curve should seriously consider having a mobile app offering, it is vital that those retailers make sure they produce an app that is up to scratch and engaging, otherwise they could end up damaging their image rather than improving it.

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