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How to monetise your own remixes on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube

Laura  Barnes
How to monetise your own remixes on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube

There’s been a long, on-going battle between labels and bootleg remixes for quite some time, but a new service is hoping to get rights holders and remixers working together.

Remix rights management service MetaPop has announced it is extending its remix distribution and monetisation platform to the three biggest music streaming sites.

MetaPop claims to be the first company to offer this service to Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

The service, which already exists on YouTube, works by monetising fan remixes for rights holders, which will create a new revenue stream for labels.
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The firm gives remixers access to a catalogue of nearly 100,000 pre-cleared tracks, with hundreds of new tracks being added daily.

Remixers are able to remix these pre-cleared tracks and upload them to YouTube directly for monetisation. When distributing to Spotify and Apple Music, rights holders such as labels and artists, then select which remixes they wish to upload for monetisation.

The idea behind the project is for everyone to get paid for their artistic work.

Here’s how the system works with it’s YouTube monetisation: MetaPop will distribute all cleared remixes on to its YouTube channel. Once the platform gets paid, the original rights owner receives 70 per cent of the royalties, with the remixer collecting 15 per cent and MetaPop keeping 15 per cent for itself.

MetaPop is founded by Matthew Adell and Michael Mukhin and is free to use for both rights holders and remixers. It has deals in place with thousands of labels, and has already published more than 100 remixes for monetisation on YouTube.

MetaPop currently has over 30 remixes being monetised on Spotify and Apple Music.

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