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Here's why Worldpay is big news for UK retailers

Laura  Barnes
Here's why Worldpay is big news for UK retailers

Payment technology provider Worldpay has launched a pilot scheme in the UK for its new app that enables merchants to take payments from customers via their mobile phone.

This is an industry first, but just how beneficial could Worldpay be for retailers?

Well, it’s designed specifically for small business and retailers, meaning Worldpay is essentially giving new, independent retailers the opportunity to get their businesses up and running without having to purchase a counter top card machine, operating sometimes cumbersome hardware, and not having to worry as much about device malfunctions.

The other great thing about it is the app is free – meaning retailers won’t have to worry about only being able to have one machine in their store. If they desired, each staff member could have an app, enabling shoppers to make purchases as they go, rather than queuing up at a till.
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Those that have always dreamed of having a shop set out like an Apple Store – where each sales assistant can take the customer from the beginning to the end of their purchasing journey without the shopping having to even get up from a seat – will be able to achieve this without spending megabucks.

“The news that small traders will soon be able to use the Worldpay app to take payments from customers is testament to the fact that mobile is now at the very heart of the shopping experience,” said Paul Lewis, senior director of marketing at and RetailMeNot.

“In 2016, research from discovered that mobile payments alone accounted for £17.24 million in-store last year and for the first time on UK high streets, Worldpay will provide an opportunity for microbusinesses who might have struggled to harness this technology on their own.

“Consumers use their devices at every single stage of the shopping journey, from finding a product on the store website, locating the stock and even comparing prices. The free app will complete the digital cycle for consumers and small traders alike and shows a step in the right direction to making the overall customer journey as seamless and as simple as possible.

“Forward-thinking retailers and Fintech firms are aware of the massive opportunities mobile technology and digital wallets can provide and Worldpay is now supporting innovation for businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

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