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Here's who won at the 2017 European Musical Instrument Dealer Awards

Laura  Barnes
Here's who won at the 2017 European Musical Instrument Dealer Awards

The 2017 European Musical Instrument Dealer Awards (EMIDA) took place last week to celebrate the best MI dealers in the industry.

The awards were handed out in front of an audience of roughly 500 invited guests in the course of Musikmesse’s Executive Night.

Organised by the Society Of Music Merchants (SOMM), prize money of €15,000 was awarded in three categories. Singer Sylvi Piela was the host for the evening, with the awards presented by Joachim Stock, chairman of SOMM.

The Austrian company ‘Musikinstrumente Karl Danner GmbH’ from Linz took home the Special Commitment to Music Mediation award.
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An example of Danner’s commitment that convinced the judges is their initiative ‘A house full of music’. Here, children at a preschool age have been given the chance to get to know musical instruments of all types at the Bruckner house in Linz, for the past 15 years – anything from the bassoon to the kettledrums. By now, thanks to this prize-worthy work by the company Danner, the 100,000th child has already received an opportunity to discover a life’s passion.

The winner of the Best Unique Selling Proposition award was the company Desevedavy Pianos from France.

According to the judges’ decision, Desevedavy raised the bar when they opened a new house exclusively for pianos. “In this niche, Desevedavy offer the perfect mix of unique expertise, free access to music and instruments in an excellently designed atmosphere. By exclusively focusing on the piano, a piano paradise has emerged that leaves nothing to be desired.”

Last but not least, Drum-tec from Hessian Oldendorf took home the award for Best Store Concept.

Here, too, the judges chose a specialist dealer that has focused on a niche – e- drums. In addition, ‘drum-tec’ distinguishes itself through its great proximity to the customer and its customised solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs. The fact that the stores offer a possibility to ‘test’ the products in peace and quiet won the judges over – an option that was provided in an excellent way at ‘drum-tec’.

Congratulations to all three winners.

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