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Hardwire releases TR-7 pedal

Hardwire releases TR-7 pedal

Sound Technology has announced that the Hardwire TR-7 Tremolo and Rotary pedal is now shipping immediately.

The TR-7 is a true stereo tremolo, rotary, and vibrato pedal, offering effects that range from traditional tremolo to a highly detailed rotary cabinet simulator. It also features true stereo I/O, allowing for complex connections and sounds with extreme flexibility.

Tremolo, Opto-Tremolo, Bias Tremolo, Duo Tremolo, Rotary, Vibrato, and VibroPan make up the seven effects that the TR-7 delivers. It also comes equipped with standard Hardwire performance features, such as true bypass and high-voltage rails.

Each Hardwire pedal also comes with an assortment of tour-worthy accessories, including green gaffer tape (common to pro pedalboards), Stomplock knob guards to maintain pedal settings and a hook and loop pad to fasten the pedal to a pedalboard.
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The TR-7 is available now for £125 excluding VAT. For more information, visit the Hardwire website here. Sound Technology is the UK distributor for Hardwire pedals. Click here to visit the supplier’s website.

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