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Guitar Hero to be sold in MI stores

Guitar Hero to be sold in MI stores
Active Music Distribution and Activision, the developer of the Guitar Hero video game, have issued a combined statement announcing a unique partnership agreement to bring the music game to the UK’s MI Market.

With the highly anticipated Guitar Hero World Tour being launched on November 14th along with the proven statistics of Guitar Hero developing new music makers, Active Music is extremely hopeful that this will be of great interest to the MI trade, particularly as Guitar Hero World Tour will now incorporate drums, vocal and bass in addition to guitar.

“There is an emerging trend that people playing Guitar Hero are keen to progress and actually start learning to play the real thing,” said Active’s Lee Worsely. “This brings a natural synergy for the MI market to start selling and developing connections with this massive emerging market; bringing new blood to their business. For many years computer games have taken people away from learning a musical instrument. That trend is now changing and here is a game that positively encourages people to take up an instrument. This is a real opportunity for stores to embrace the platform and bring new customers into their shops. By offering incentives with purchase of Guitar Hero, such as a free lesson or a discount on their first instrument purchase, stores can keep these customers. At the same time they can appeal to existing customers willing to make this purchase for themselves or their family”.

A spokesperson for Activision added: “We have seen this growing connection between Guitar Hero and music making, so finding a partner that could take the game to the grass roots of music making seemed an obvious channel to explore. We are delighted to have partnered with Active Music and look forward to developing this market together during the coming months”.
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For further information on advance ordering for Guitar Hero World Tour, stocking, costs, POS and merchandising options please contact Active Music on 020 8693 5678.

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