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Grover Jackson returns with GJ2

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Grover Jackson returns with GJ2

Renowned US guitar designer and builder, Grover Jackson, is back in business with his own brand of electric guitars to be made exclusively in California.

Destined to make a major debut at the forthcoming NAMM show,Jackson's GJ2 brand will be sold exclusively in the UK by the Guitar Guitar retail chain, from January.Jackson’s reputation was made in the 1980’s when he turned Charvel, and then Jackson, into iconic brands. Jackson’s workshop became the “go to” supplier of top quality guitars for many of the influential players of the day. Those players included Edward Van Halen, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, Robbin Crosby and Warren DeMartini of Ratt, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Sammy Hagar and many others, not least of whom was Randy Rhoads, who worked with Grover to start the Jackson brand itself.

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