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Government 'expects' to continue funding

Government 'expects' to continue funding

The Music Industries Association (MIA) has welcomed a government statement expecting to ‘continue to provide funding’ for music education, made in December 2010.

In a written ministerial statement, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education made it clear that the government ‘expected to continue to provide funding’ despite the fact that current grants are ending. He re-stated his ‘commitment to improving music education’ and drew attention to the Henley Review of Music Education.

Welcoming the news, Paul McManus, the chief executive of the MIA, said that it was now a case of waiting to see what the Henley Report (chaired by Classic FM's MD, Darren Henley) contained. The Henley Report was initiated by Gove to assess the state of music education in England and Wales, with many parties, including the MIA, called in to provide opinions and information.

"The UK economy, through its creative industries, benefits significantly from music, with over 130,000 people employed actively in the making, performing, recording and distributing of music contributing nearly £5 billion to the economy annually," said McManus. "Just as importantly, music develops creativity and contributes uniquely to raising attainment in literacy and numeracy and should therefore be a key part of a broad and balanced school curriculum."
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The government also announced an additional £625 million (increasing to £2.5 billion by 2014/15) for disadvantaged children. The MIA is saying that some of this funding could be used to support music education on the basis of its having a positive musical, academic and social benefit for those disadvantaged children.

For more information on this press release or the MIA in general, please contact McManus here.

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