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Gon Bops plans Alex Acuña percussion clinics

Gon Bops plans Alex Acuña percussion clinics

Gon Bops, in association with DW Drums, has organised a pair of exclusive UK clinics with the well-known drummer, percussionist and teacher Alex Acuña.

Acuña will demonstrate his percussive skills and techniques across a wide range of instruments, from cajons, congas and bongos to timbales and bells. He will also show how to transfer traditional rhythms to a drum kit. The musician has worked with artists such as Elvis Presley and Diana Ross and played live with the likes of Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Beck, U2, Peter Gabriel and Blondie. He has also worked as an educator at University of California, Los Angeles and Berklee College of Music.
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The first clinic will take place at Drumwright in Berkshire on April 30th and the second will be held at Sound Attak in Colchester on May 1st.Westside Distribution is the UK supplier for Gon Bops and DW.

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