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Gibson rumours rear again

Gibson rumours rear again

Rumours surrounding the possible sale of Gibson Guitars have reached fever pitch in the UK over the past few days, with ‘a number of companies’ said to be circling, although only one company, Peavey, has been mentioned by name as being involved.

Attempts to gain any sort of confirmation have proved impossible, although in response to MI Pro's enquiries Peavey’s founder and chief, Hartley Peavey said, through a spokesperson, that “it would be inappropriate to comment at this time”.

The rumour of Peavey wading in for Gibson has been an occasional distraction for around ten years now, with this merely being the latest, although the announcements from Gibson regarding the forthcoming Gibson Jimi Hendrix signature guitars and the Baldwin Hendrix signature piano have perhaps encouraged a more healthy willing suspension of disbelief than usual.
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