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Gibson lawsuit ends with PRS victory

Gibson lawsuit ends with PRS victory

Since the unveiling of the offending Singlecut at NAMM four years ago, Gibson has argued that the instrument breaches trademarks held over the classic Les Paul design.

Although winning the initial judgement, last year Gibson?s fortunes changed when PRS initiated appeal procedures that saw the decision reversed. A final appeal from Gibson was overruled today as the court observed Gibson?s admittance that only ?an idiot? could confuse a PRS Singlecut with a Gibson Les Paul.

"I am delighted for our employees, our distributors, our dealers, our customers and the industry," commented PRS founder Paul Reed Smith. "Everyone was extremely supportive of our cause and our company over the last six years, fully embracing our decision to fight back against Gibson?s charges."

For the full story and analysis see July?s edition of MI Pro.

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