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Gibson chairman slams sale rumours

Gibson chairman slams sale rumours

In a statement to MI Pro, Henry Juszkiewicz, the chairman of the Gibson Guitar company has utterly refuted any talk of a takeover or of Gibson being in any financial difficulty.

Gibson is, he said, still operating profitably and is feeling bullish about its position in the market.

His full statement is reproduced below.

“I would like to set the record straight as to the persistent rumors that Gibson Guitar is being sold. These rumors seem to originate from an individual source and they are simply not true.
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"Gibson is doing very well. There have been no discussions with Mr Peavey. While we were affected by the economic downturn, we continue to be profitable and are much less leveraged than many of our honorable competitors.  We have gained market share, we are profitable and we are really feeling good.

"Gibson has been the butt of rumors for years. Many of them are started to undermine our credibility in the market place and the flames are fanned by competitive sales people. You would think after 25 years, things would have settled down.

"We will continue to take pride in offering our consumers the best product available, an instrument that is not only innovative and the best quality but one that resonates the legacy in which we are known for."

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