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Gibson buys Garrison

Gibson buys Garrison
The innovative guitar manufacturer, Garrison Guitars, has been bought by the Gibson corporation for an undisclosed amount in a deal that Gibson’s CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, describes as being ‘strategic’, with the purpose of developing the Gibson range of acoustics to cover all price points.Garrison was founded by Chris Griffiths in Newfoundland, Canada in 1999, after he had patented the Griffiths Active Bracing System – an injection moulding method that created an integrated binding, kerfing, bridge plate and all the braces into one glass fibre component, leaving the wood to be constructed in a free, but stable structure around the frame. This leaves the top to vibrate more freely than with normal, wood structure bracing systems, allowing for a quality sounding guitar, manufactured in the west, but at ‘China-competitive prices’."My co-workers and I are extremely excited about our new beginning as the newest edition to the Gibson family of brands. Being a part of Gibson allows us to do so much more than we could have achieved on our own,” commented Griffiths.
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Despite the deal, Aria UK, the distributor of Garrison Guitars in the UK and Ireland, has confirmed that distribution of Garrison guitars will remain unchanged.“Although there will be some Gibson branded guitars coming out of the Garrison factory in the near future, the Active Bracing System will continue to be available only on Garrison guitars, and they will only be available in the UK and Ireland through Aria,” explained Martin Hartwell, Aria’s chief in the UK. “For us it is situation normal,” he concluded.

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