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Gear4music backs school project

Ronnie Dungan
Gear4music backs school project

Gear4music has given its support to a local school composition project in York.

Launched in Spring 2011, the Notate Composition Project at Manor CE School, York, was open to all students in year seven, as part of their Key Stage 3 music programme. Winners David Noble and Jamie Beardmore, each received a copy of Sibelius Student, provided by, as well as having their piece performed live.The project is designed to challenge students to develop melody and harmony writing and orchestration skills. It gives young people the opportunity to discuss and implement key elements of musical theory in a real-world situation, with a tangible target.
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The 2011 competition was set out in two stages. Firstly, students had to crack a code of letters and numbers. When this had been solved, the list transformed in to musical notation. Students were then tasked with developing their own arrangement based on the melody they uncovered.The piece will receive its first live performance on Thursday 20th October at the Manor Concert Orchestra's Autumn Concert. The Manor Concert Orchestra features string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections along with a piano, a bass and an electric guitar. They play a mix of genres, including film, classical and latin music.The competition was judged by a panel of music specialists from across the musical spectrum. The panel of three was made up of Jim Fowler, Music Content Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe; Claire Smith, Academic Music Teacher at Chetham's School of Music, Manchester and John Harrison, Music Teacher at City of London School for Boys.Jonathan Meager, marketing manager at commented: "It is a real honour to have been involved with this competition. At Gear4music we believe that music is a key part of a young person's development - the Notate Composition Project gives students a unique opportunity to do something they can be proud of with their compositional skills. Everyone at Gear4music is committed to encouraging new people to pick up a musical instrument -  this is the motivation behind our own superb value range of music equipment."Sibelius Student Edition, the main prize in the competition, is the world's best-selling music notation software, and is the choice of countless top composers, arrangers and publishers.

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