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Gallagher gear on show

Gallagher gear on show

The Rory Gallagher Exhibition, a collection of guitars and amps used by the late guitar legend, was seen by almost 12,000 visitors to The Music Show, Ireland's musical instrument exhibition.

Presented by Fender in association with XMusic, the exhibition included Gallagher's trademark Fender Stratocaster among the selection of guitars. Gallagher used the 1961 Strat throughout his 30-year music career, including 11 studio albums and countless concerts – a guitar that cost him only $100.

The Donegal-born guitarist, who died in 1995 and who was a major influence on a huge number of guitar-players (including U2's The Edge), had a vast collection of guitars and the key ones were on display at The Music Show.

Proving that he had an eye for a bargain, the collection also included his Danelectro Short Horn which he bought in an American pawnshop for $15 and which he used to great effect on tracks such as Cradle Rock and A Million Miles Away.
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The show also became a repository ofr a number of anecdotes attached to the guitars. Regarding his beloved 61 Strat, his brother, Donal, recalled when it was stolen from the back of the tour van. “I remember the incident happening in Dublin. Just the sheer horror of it. In Ireland at the time there was a 'crimewatch' television show, which featured Rory’s stolen guitar. And, since there was only one television channel in Ireland, everyone watched and the item became hot property. Soon after, the cops found it had been abandoned. We were very grateful, but, at the same time, when they aired the recovery on the TV show, the cop said, 'The thief was probably doing the neighbours a favour.'”

The picture shows Danny O'Reilly of The Coronas with Rory Gallagher's 1961 Stratocaster at The Rory Gallagher Exhibition.

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