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Furch Guitars introduces 'revolutionary' new neck design after four years of research

Laura  Barnes
Furch Guitars introduces 'revolutionary' new neck design after four years of research

Furch Guitars has announced the completion of four years of research and development of a new design that it believes will revolutionise guitar neck construction.

Branded as the Furch CNR System (Furch Composite Neck Reinforcement System), the new design promises to increase neck rigidity, stability, and durability.

The Furch CNR System has already been incorporated into the firm’s production process, and all guitars with the serial number 68,294 and higher will feature the redesigned neck.

Guitars made exclusively from solid woods are amongst musical instruments that are highly sensitive to the environment in which they are used. The most delicate components of a guitar include the top plate and the neck.
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While exposing a guitar to unfavourable conditions might cause the top to bulge or crack, the neck is often deformed and twisted, a problem that is highly detrimental to playability and sound clarity. In many cases, repairing a deformed neck is impossible.

The neck joint is the most complicated structural element in the guitar construction because it attaches the neck to the body – two components that have significantly different physical properties, rigidity in particular. If the neck is not properly designed and if it is poorly made, the guitar will suffer.

During many years of testing, Furch's specialists have found that in as many as 40% of cases, guitar deformations caused by pressure exerted by the strings (the upward pull in particular) are due to the pliability and flexibility of wood, the predominant material used in the construction of the neck joint.

The remaining 60% of deformations are caused by the bulging of the top plate in response to changes in humidity in the environment in which guitars are kept.

Because the neck is one of the most important construction elements of a guitar, the quest for devising a neck design that is as stable as possible has been an enormous challenge throughout the history of guitar building.

Furch's R&D division has devised a design that reduces the risk of neck deformations caused by unsuitable external conditions or the natural flexibility of wood by a whopping 90%.

The innovation features a new composite reinforcement that extends significantly neck durability and consequently the lifespan of the guitar as a whole.

By combining an innovative neck design with highly precise manufacturing, Furch has succeeded in achieving previously unheard of stability of the neck joint, which facilitates high neck rigidity and precise adjustability of the neck bow along the entire length of the fingerboard as well as excellent transmission of sound. In addition to these benefits, the new design also reduces neck weight.

"I'm very proud that in addition to an exceptional sound and precise manufacturing, our guitars now feature a fundamentally improved neck design – a parameter which the player cannot see directly and needs to rely on the manufacturer's repute and guarantee of high quality," said Furch Guitars CEO Petr Furch.

"This revolutionary system has become the new standard in the construction of all Furch guitars, and it complements the variety of major technological innovations we offer and back with our three-year warranty."

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