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Five new models from Sontronics

Five new models from Sontronics

The 2010 NAMM Show saw the fifth anniversary of the British microphone brand, Sontronics (distributed in the UK through Time + Space), which marked the event with the release of five new products.

Despite the difficult economic climate, Sontronic's founder, chief designer and managing director, Trevor Coley, reports a great year for his company. "We've been very lucky to see growth throughout 2009 especially in the UK, Germany, Norway and the US. The brand is getting a lot more recognition all round the world, thanks to support from our distributors and from the MI press."

Comprising the releases at NAMM this year are the new Saturn multi-pattern condenser (pictured), the STC-10 pencil condenser, STC-20 large-diaphragm condenser, STC-2X omni/cardioid condenser and the STC-Pad/Phase inline switch. They are designed by Coley and will be in the shops within a couple of months.

"Saturn is the big news for us," said Coley, "It is inspired by the classic vocal mics of the 1940s and 50s and while it was originally designed for vocals, it actually gives brilliant results on anything you put it in front of. With five switchable polar patterns plus dual pad and filters, it's our most flexible mic to date. It's been beta-tested over the last year by various artists, producers and educators including Flood and Alan Moulder, and everyone says it's an incredible all-rounder."
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The other new mics are inspired by two of Sontronics best-sellers. "While our STC-1 pencil condenser and STC-2 large-diaphragm condenser continue to be as popular as ever we realised we needed to create something for the most affordable end of the market. Our new STC-10 and STC-20 both give users what they need; a price they can afford combined with the first-class sound reproduction and top quality build.

"At the same time, I also wanted to push the boundaries of STC-2 so we've created STC-2X featuring cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns plus a two-stage pad and two-stage filter, all at a tempting price point."

As well as the new microphones, Sontronics also released a new accessory, the ST-Pad/Phase. "We know that some people using our ribbon mics have needed some kind of attenuation control when miking very loud sound sources, especially if they don't have the feature on a desk or audio interface. So we've launched the Pad/Phase inline switch with two -10dB attenuation/pad switches (giving a sum of -20dB) plus a 180-degree phase invert control, useful for dual-miking snare drums."

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