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Fender adds Jazzmaster models to Mod Shop offerings

Laura  Barnes
Fender adds Jazzmaster models to Mod Shop offerings

Fender’s online Mod Shop has expanded its offerings to include more models to choose from.

MI Pro sister publication Bass Player has reported that the Mod Shop, which first launched in June 2016, will now offer the following models: Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, and now, Jazzmaster.

The Fender Mod Shop gives players the opportunity to create their very own version of their favourite guitar, or create something completely unique.

The online digital design studio lets guitarists decided on everything from body colour, type of pickups, pickguard material, type of strings and the colour of the hardware.
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Various selections are limited and any Mod Shop options are subject to change or removal at any time, so if you’re looking to create your very own custom guitar, you can head of to the Fender Mod Shop here.

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