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Falmouth University plays host to Elton John 'live' concert

Jory Mackay
Falmouth University plays host to Elton John 'live' concert

As part of Yamaha's 125th anniversary, the Performance Centre at Falmouth University played host to a 'live' concert by Yamaha Artist, Elton John on 26th January.

Through Yamaha's DisklavierTV and RemoteLive technology, Elton's performance at the Hyperion Theatre stage in Disneyland California, was reproduced, note-for-note, in real-time on the Disklavier piano at Falmouth University. In addition, the entire orchestra was seen and heard on an adjacent monitor in perfect sync with the remote piano performance.

“This had never been done before, and it will forever change the way music is made,” said Chris Gero, vice president of Yamaha Entertainment Group of America, which produced the event. “What an amazing way to celebrate or 125 anniversary by sharing this with the world.”

Falmouth’s involvement with this historic concert was the result of the expertise of two of the technical specialists working within the University’s Music degree courses: Adam Loveday-Edwards and Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris. Their papers regarding the use of the Disklavier in e-learning were presented in Madrid and London last year and they will present two further papers regarding the Yamaha Disklavier piano as an interactive, networked performance instrument and remote recording device for enhancing the educational experience of performance students in Athens and Valencia this year.
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Professor Geoff Smith, deputy vice-chancellor of Falmouth University commented: "We were delighted to be part of this historical event at Falmouth. It was extraordinary to see our own Yamaha Disklavier piano being 'played' live in the Performance Centre by Elton John, over five thousand miles away, and in perfect sync with his vocals and the orchestra in California. Despite the distance and the time difference, we had an extraordinary insight into Elton's musicianship - every keystroke, every pedal movement, every ebb and every flow. It was also thanks to the skills of our Technical Specialists and the strength of our relationship with Yamaha UK that we were able to pull this off - one of only twelve locations around the world to do so."

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