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'Every country should have a thriving, active music export initiative'

Laura  Barnes
'Every country should have a thriving, active music export initiative'

Music industry market development specialists Sound Diplomacy has unveiled a new 15-page Music Export Pledge.

The pledge has gone out to local governments and councils to highlight the need for a Music Export Office in every country with thriving Music Cities to focus on building strong bridges to expose the benefits of the music industry to a city’s culture and economy.

The pledge outlines the benefits of music export to governments around the world. It outlines how a Music Export Office should operate, the benefit to the economy, the development of music talent and the support to the industry to help with key decision making when dealing with international networks.

“We want every country in the world to have a thriving, active music export initiative. It doesn’t matter how it is set up. It matters how its functions impact the artists it serves. Talent is everywhere, and great talent deserves the best support,” said Sound Diplomacy.
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“Only some countries and regions have music export initiatives; those that do are very lucky, because the business leaders running them are providing opportunities for artists across the sector, every day. So let’s learn from each other, work together and make music export an integral aspect of national, regional and local cultural policy.”

Sound Diplomacy is the leading global advisor in increasing the value of music and night culture in cities, places and developments.

Download and read the Music Export Pledge at

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