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Euromusic strengthens Peerless network

Euromusic strengthens Peerless network

Euromusic, the MI retailers’ buying consortium, which recently took on the UK distribution of Peerless archtop and acoustic guitars, has put out the call to other UK retailers to check out the guitar line and consider the benefits of joining forces with Euromusic.

“We are very excited about the distribution possibilities with Peerless,” commented Fred Mail, the general secretary of the group. “The brand is an ideal addition to our existing portfolio of products. We have been aware of this line for a couple of years now and are delighted to have taken up on the opportunity of exclusive distribution in the UK.

“The quality of the guitars is exceptional and between the existing dealer network that Peerless has supplied and our own dealers, we feel that the network will be very strong for the product. This will, I think, help take Euromusic forward for our future plans.”

Mail concluded by saying that any dealers that are not yet members of Euromusic, but wish to know more about Peerless Guitars and Euromusic in general, should feel free to contact him on 0141 577 5330 to discuss the possibilities of becoming a member of Euromusic.
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