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ENDORSEMENT: Steve Lukather hooks up with Yamaha

ENDORSEMENT: Steve Lukather hooks up with Yamaha

Yamaha has announced that Steve Lukather, the former guitarist with Toto, has taken on a number of Yamaha's recently launched Studio Response Technology (SRT) electro-acoustic guitars and is now using the LJX 26CPT and a number of NX series guitars for recording and touring duties.

The announcement precedes the release in October of the guitarist's new solo album All's Well That Ends Well and adds an impressive name to the list of Yamaha guitar endorsers.

A founder member of Toto, as well as having played with some of the biggest names in the music business (such as Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, The Tubes and Van Halen) Lukather is also a respected producer. He is an 11 times Grammy nominee and five times winner.

Yamaha's SRT system claims to deliver an exceptionally natural ambient acoustic guitar sound by applying sound modeling techniques and data analysis to the output signal. This process is applied to four key acoustic elements that are omitted from conventional pickup systems, namely string and body resonance, ambience, vintage microphone characteristics and professional mic techniques. This all combines to create a natural, studio quality acoustic guitar tone that was previously only attainable by professional studio recording engineers under studio conditions.
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"I tried them against all the others and there was no comparison," said Lukather. "Yamaha really brought the best to the design and sound and look."

This news was accompanied by the fact that the recently published MI Sales Track industry figures in the US show that in 2009, for the first time, Yamaha acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars were the number one guitar brand by both unit numbers and value, with Taylor and Martin coming in second and third.

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