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Elliot Randall and David Kyle Payne join Nemphasis artist roster

Laura  Barnes
Elliot Randall and David Kyle Payne join Nemphasis artist roster

Guitar and bass FX pedals maker Nemphasis has added two new endorsing artists to its growing roster of international musicians.

Over the last few years Nemphasis has become renowned in its native Italy and beyond for high quality, hand built analogue effects for guitar and bass.

The two new artist signings reflect the breadth of appeal of Nemphasis products, bringing together up and coming UK bass session player David Kyle Payne (pictured below) and the legendary US guitarist Elliott Randall (pictured right).

Payne has been playing bass guitar from the age of eleven and although only on the professional circuit for a mere three years, is one of the most respected bass and double bass players in the UK, having played and recorded with a host of high profile artists.
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Payne is currently full-time bass player for chart-topping UK Producer Sigala and X-Factor winner Joe McElderry.

He uses the Nemphasis VT-Comp Bass and the O2 Pro Oxygen Bass Preamp.

“The VT Comp Bass is the most efficient compressor pedal I have seen on the market; simple, intuitive and effective. And as soon as I plugged in the O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp I knew it was the sound I had been looking for,” said Payne.

Elliot Randall’s guitar solos on Steely Dan’s ‘Reelin’ In The Years’ and ‘Fame’ (the motion picture) have entered Rock history annals. Randall has had an illustrious career to say the least, covering a diverse range of music styles and projects which include, record production, song composition, electronic research and development, lectures and teaching and, of course, continuous presence in the world of live performance and recording.

He uses the Nemphasis VT Comp Guitar Optical Compressor, which he describes simply as a ‘class act!’

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