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Elixir expands bass string offering

Elixir expands bass string offering

Elixir Strings has added new Stainless Steel and enhanced Nickel bass strings to its product range.

Originally unveiled at NAMM and introduced to the European market at Musikmesse last week, Elixir Strings for bass are now available in a coated stainless steel format, which combine the crisp, articulate 'snap' of traditional stainless strings with added physical comfort and tonal longevity. The Elixir bass line is also boosted by new nickel-plated strings for bass, which offer enhanced tone, a more natural feel and better durability.These latest additions were created as a direct result of player feedback, with Elixir fine-tuning the design to perfect tone, flexibility and ease of playing, while refining its patented, ultra-thin NANOWEB polymer coating to give bassists a more natural finger feel and coating durability.
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“We’re proud to be the creator of the coated bass strings category,” said product manager Steve Rosenberg, “but we’re always looking to improve. We talked with a lot of bass players to get their sense of what they wanted in a bass string, coated or uncoated. With the new Stainless strings and the improved Nickel-plated strings, players are now telling us that Elixir Strings for bass not only have a long tone life, but they sound great and feel great as well.”

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